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How Kennewick Man has Impaled Rodney Meldrum’s Heartlanders

Introduction In July 1996, the skeleton of an ancient Native American washed out of the banks of the Columbia River in Kennewick Washington. Radiocarbon dating of a well preserved finger bone revealed the remains, now known as Kennewick Man or the Ancient One, were well over 8,000 years old. When Kennewick Man’s genome was published in 2015, it was revealed he carried a version of the mitochondrial X2a lineage from which all modern Native American X2a lineages descend. Kennewick Man’s age, possession of X2a and the discovery of a very ancient stone age spearpoint in his pelvis, completely exposed the false claims of Mormon pseudoscientists who claim X2a DNA found in some Native Americans is Semitic. Rodney Meldrum is the founder of the Heartlanders, a collection of young earth creationists who argue the events of the Book of Mormon took place in the heartland of North America. For over 16 years Meldrum has been claiming that mtDNA X2a, found in some indigenous tribes of North America,